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The Clinifit shareholders:


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Clinifit, a unique model



Clinifit is a French société à actions simplifiées (joint stock company) funded by eight SMEs for joint innovation to address the major changes affecting the health care facilities who form our client base.

These eight founders decided to combine their expertise in the form of Clinifit to bring comprehensive, innovative patient treatment and care solutions to the market. The founders employ 650 staff and generate combined revenues of nearly EUR 80 million (USD 90 million) in over 40 countries.

Structured in the form of an open ecosystem, we develop turnkey solutions in open innovation to invent the hospital of tomorrow here and now.

The power of the open ecosystem and open innovation help to lift the constraints of numerous obstacles to innovation, achieve the collective critical mass for developing ambitious projects, reduce time to implementation, and leverage R&D investment capacity, given that each partner will invest in their own business.

Ecosystem and partners:

This innovative organizational model is only meaningful if it is open and continues to develop. Accordingly, depending on the expertise required for successful project completion, Clinifit coordinates and acts as an interface between the stakeholders.

As a result, there are now over 15 companies actively involved in the “modular construction” strand of the business, representing 1,200 employees and consolidated revenues of over EUR 168 million (USD 189 million).

To support this continuous development, Clinifit’s variable capital structure means that anyone with expertise that may be useful to the overall portfolio of services can buy into capital (if they so wish – it is not a prerequisite).

Background and history

The project is the result of efforts made in 2011 by Clubster Santé, a business club for companies active in the health care sector in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France. ( [website in French only]

First products finalized

  • First convalescence rooms delivered
  • Design of a day hospital at the request of the government of Guinea
  • Development of the ambulatory concept and its unveiling at the Health and Independence Trade Show (salon de la santé et de l’autonomie) in Paris
  • Structuring and formalization of the Clinifit model
  • Mass production of some of the equipment envisioned in the convalescence room concept begins
  • Clinifit founded
  • Signature of an agreement with the Grand Hôpital de Charleroi (GHDC) to supply the first convalescence rooms

Joint venture with Lille University Hospital, France, given the need to ensure that this type of approach is consistent with the practice and expectations of physicians, nursing staff, stakeholders in support functions and, of course, patients. Lille University Hospital was clearly the natural regional partner to gain access to these stakeholders.

  • Definition of the convalescence room concept and its unveiling at Hôpital Expo in Paris, France in May 2012
  • November 2012: expression of intent to proceed by the partner businesses in the project
  • Launch of the joint design approach on the matter of ambulatory services.

Growing collective awareness by members of Clubster Santé of how changes taking place in Western European health care facilities (the need to refocus on core business as a result of economic pressures, technology developments and medical demographics, etc.) were impacting our markets.

  • A sales commission is fostered within the business club for broadening the scope of possibilities and looking to the future of our professions
  • The commission is unanimous in its conclusion that the solution is to broaden the response, and that to achieve this would mean combining skills and expertise. In other words, joint innovation would be the key to providing suitable responses to the changes. The decision is therefore taken to design hospital bedrooms to keep pace with these development and refocus on the hospital’s core business.

The Clinifit Partners:


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