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Our Added Values


These are exciting times!

While the economic context is complex, unpredictable and will remain so in the long term (this is not a cyclical crisis that we are experiencing currently, but a fundamental change), it provides opportunities for creativity and development. As with the digital explosion and the opportunity that it represents to provide new responses to established practice (as seen with Air BnB and BlaBlaCar, for example), a whole host of possibilities is opening up for each and every one of us.

To seize this opportunity, we have to cast off conformity, old habits and the mindset that “We've always done it that way.” However, this needs to happen with respect for the essentials and for the expertise that guarantees the hospital’s quality, safety, regard for the individual and ethics.

This is what Clinifit and its open ecosystem model provides!

Our approach allows you to:

  • access comprehensive, turnkey solutions that are tailored to your facility, your strategic challenges, and to your expectations and those of your staff and patients
  • increase staff involvement
  • reduce time frames for design and implementation
  • take advantage of unique business models (involving leasing, availability of equipment hours, shared earnings/success fees, etc.)
  • remove barriers to change and innovation

Gauthier Saelens, Chief Executive Officer of the GHDC, explains:

"Eighteen months ago, we saw an exhibition model in Lille and wanted to test the concept in our hospital. Of course, everything was tailored to fit the available floor space and Belgium’s slightly different electrical safety standards. The very first patients to use these rooms were admitted a fortnight ago and left very happy with their experience."

Source : Article L'Avenir

Pierre Jacmin, Director of the GHDC’s Information Technology and Systems department, explains:

"The main barrier to the innovative room was not financial, as we had the budget to refurbish the care units and there was no great difference in cost between an innovative room and a traditional room. The main obstacle was having the courage to embark on this type of project."

Source : youtube