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Ambulatory Equipments Catalog

Bedside Terminal


ambu tmm







Staff can:

  • gain secure access to the key information that they need (HIS [hospital information system], PACS [Picture archiving and communication system], admin, etc.) at the foot of the bed
  • implement medical instructions (drug administration, etc.)
  • share with the patient and explain their care pathway and how their care will be managed
  • prevent unnecessary trips back and forth
  • keep track of medical and forensic information in real time, at the foot of the patient’s bed
  • increase the reliability of patient’s medical records and avoid rewriting

Patients can:

  • enjoy a complete package of TV, radio, telephone and games, etc.
  • access information made available simply and securely by the institution (welcome booklet, treatment information leaflets, etc.)
  • maintain contact with the outside world (Skype, email, etc.)
  • manage their surroundings (lighting, blinds and ventilation, etc.)
  • ensure upgrades and support for organizational change over time

Chair – stretcher – operating table:

fauteuil lit ambulatoire

  • Saves space in the cubicle, helping to make best overall use of space
  • Motorized for ease of patient transportation
  • Simplifies the work of nursing staff and reduces patient handling (for transfers, etc.)
  • Significantly reduces bed-to-gurney transfers and associated logistics
  • Allows for the addition of accessories to the table depending on the requirements of the procedure and the surgeon
  • Meets the needs of a vast number of treatment and care regimes
  • Streamlines flow
  • Encourages the patient to get up out of bed and regain mobility, and promotes accelerated recovery

Multi-function bed head:


opus2 ambulatoire


  • Supports nursing care with an ergonomic design and grouped technical functions
  • Allows for the patient’s surroundings to be adjusted to suit their exact needs and their condition (with concealment of medical fluids, etc.)
  • Incorporates technology to the benefit of the patient and carers (with audio broadcasting, automation and the central unit for the multimedia terminal, etc.)
  • Enhances the facility’s recognition value and image
  • Improves the accommodation aspect of rooms and their appeal
  • Supports ease of cleaning
  • Simplifies installation and maintenance
  • Can be tailored to your most exacting requirements with a near-unlimited choice of colors