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Real-time scheduling and optimization

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The continuing and steady development of ambulatory medicine will have a significant impact even on the way that facilities are configured: the capacity and floor space used, the way that care is organized, buildings, staff, etc. We therefore offer you a unique real-time scheduling and optimization resource for the operating room schedule, providing you with a push flow system that can be rolled out immediately in your existing premises (with no additional investment) and that learns from your own organization. The means of ensuring optimum use of your operating suite over time, despite regular developments in your case mix of ambulatory and conventional care.




Estimating the potential increase in patient treatment capacity at constant cost

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Caught up in the day-to-day, it is often difficult to imagine that the operating theater block offers room for maneuver. This is a major brake on business development and the development of ambulatory care. It is therefore crucial to measure and set targets for optimization potential.

Based on actual operating suite data for a four-week period, we provide you with:

  • ‘before‘ and ‘after’ format for all operating schedules
  • a table setting out margins of possible improvement at constant cost (in terms of time, patient numbers and euros)
  • a closer look at ongoing sources of optimization
  • a full run-through via videoconference.

Optimize your flows – Increase the number of patients treated – Optimize the full-capacity use of your operating suite

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In existing premises, combining patient geolocation with pull flow management of operating schedules results in a spectacular operational improvement across all areas of surgical activity. Most suites do not handle ambulatory surgery alone, so our solution caters for the management of both ambulatory and conventional procedures.  

Solution functionalities:

  • Provides a visual representation of the position of each patient
  • Creates an operating schedule that is optimized in real time, using powerful algorithms that reflect the characteristics of the site: time taken for procedures, movement, preparation, etc.
  • Draws up the work schedule and alerts transfer staff and operating room housekeeping staff
  • Sends call alerts to patients based on upcoming operating room availability, according to rules that can be configured by the facility
  • Provides activity and efficiency data
  • Helps to optimize all activity, both conventional and ambulatory