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Modular Construction:

construction modulaire

At the request of the government of Guinea, with whom we signed a memorandum of understanding in June 2014, we will unveil a wholly innovative pilot hospital in Conakry, Guinea, in 2015. In addition to Guinea, three projects in Cameroon and one in Ivory Coast have signed up to this approach through partners already present in this markets.

A hospital with no rooms
There are no rooms in this hospital. Admissions are entirely ambulatory.

One hundred percent of births, 80% of surgery and 70% of medical treatment take place this way, in a high quality, high safety environment. The operating cost is four to six times lower than that of a conventional facility, for an investment of 20 to 30 times less!

So, as with telephony, where West Africa went straight to mobile services without installing wired infrastructure, we are developing and implementing a comprehensive, modern and innovative, exclusively ambulatory system of treatment care that is independent of the western hospital model (which is proving very difficult to reform). 

We are developing and implementing a modular “day hospital”, designed and built by combining the expertise of the eight SMEs that make up Clinifit with a further eight employing a total of 1,200 staff and generating revenues of over EUR 168 million (USD 190 million).

Partnerships with local teams

While equipment is a prerequisite, it alone is not enough. As a result, we are building upstream partnerships with local populations in order to:

  • Offer comprehensive training programs (delivered by European staff) for all local personnel (nursing staff, administrators and support staff), to ensure a standard of care for the local population to rival the very best that the West has to offer.
  • Set up a system of mutual insurance that is accessible to as many people as possible in the population centers affected, to help expand access to care.

The project website: 

construction modulaire guinée

What are the benefits?

For the patient:

A modern, innovative approach that is economically appropriate for strained or developing economies, to provide access to high quality care for as many people as possible.
From the way that care is organized through to construction by way of equipment, everything here is designed with a view to frugal innovation to meet this challenge.

For staff:

Based on the very best hospital standards, this environment provides staff with everything that they need to deliver high quality care.

 For the facility:

Developed to factor in constraints and the local economic context, this modular ambulatory hospital provides a balanced operational cycle to ensure its durability and smooth long-term running.