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Traditional Hospitalization:

the convalescent room

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The challenge of patient recovery

We have identified accelerated patient recovery as a key to the hospital of tomorrow. This helps the patient to make a rapid return to normal life and their everyday activities and therefore has a favorable impact on the length of patient stays. It also gives the patient a stake in their treatment and care, boosts their independence and thus supports nursing staff in their work by allowing them to focus on their job of delivering care.

The convalescence room: an opportunity

We therefore had to rethink the hospital room in these terms and make it a genuine resource for modern care.

The design of our convalescence rooms relies on decisions on facilities (equipment and services) tailor-made to optimize care and enable the patient to recover as quickly as possible.

The unit is designed to meet the patient’s physical needs (sit-to-stand equipment, mobility, etc.), their intellectual needs (rehabilitation software and physiotherapy exercises, etc.) and to maintain their morale (allowing them the company of a care companion at mealtimes and nighttime, etc.), all within the context of organized care provision.

Support for specific projects

The methodology that we have developed and our ability to combine expertise from all types of businesses mean that we can provide you with support for specific projects, such as the development of a new line of treatment and care, the design of rooms for a specific patient population or the creation of a unique identity in your refurbishment projects, etc.

Providing all-inclusive spaces

Clinifit provides you with all-inclusive spaces that take a completely fresh approach to bedroom design:

  • A patient space, including a chair bed making it easier for the patient to get up out of the bed (can be sold separately) and therefore to get walking again, as well as a multimedia terminal for full digital integration
  • A patient care companion space, with a space-saving sofa bed providing a high level of comfort for sleeping and sitting
  • A bathroom space: an open-plan area within the room, offering ease of access and increasing the feeling of space

Click here to learn more about these spaces in our catalog.

What are the benefits?

For the patient:

Comfortable - User-Friendly - Functional - Practical - Adaptable

Tailored solutions that give the patient a stake in their own treatment and care.

With equipment to promote accelerated recovery and in the way that it is arranged, the “convalescence” room contributes to the patient’s post-operative recovery and their return to independence and “normal” life.

Pour staff:

The equipment has been designed with and for nursing staff, providing a modular, user-friendly and adaptable environment to support their day-to-day work. It also makes the room easier for support teams to clean.

Make the everyday easier with a modular, flexible environment designed in conjunction with nursing professionals, for nursing professionals.

For the facility:

High Quality - Profitable - Modular - Factor for Differenciation - Visual Appeal - Optimized Treatment & Care - Technical & Organizational Innovation

The room can be adapted to the actual needs of the patient and promotes a rapid return to independence. It is also a powerful vehicle for identity and communication for the facility. In addition, a high-quality environment means that staff can thrive. In other words, you are rising to the increasing economic challenges.