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3-in-1 Visitor Bed


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3-in-1 Visitor Bed: The hospital solution for visitors

How to use it?


Comfort, Flexibility and ergonomics

Get a 3-in-1 visitor bed: a chair, a sofa to welcome multi-visitors  and a bed fo the visitor who will have to overnight.

Enhance service quality and optimize space.

Facilitate teamwork by reducing handling of foldable beds.

Equip easily your facility without having to fasten the product to the floor or the walls.

Choose among a wide range of colors.

Which advantages?

For your patient :

Provides a comfortable night's sleep for the care companion and can be used to seat up to 4 visitors during the visit time. Space saving in the chair position. Used in combination with Clinifit foldaway tables, it allows the patient to enjoy a meal or an activity with their visitor.

For your staff :

Stop the handling of folding beds to move them from room to room. The bed remains permanently within the room, taking um a minimum of floor space during the day. Save times, reduces handling, optimizes cleaning and reduces hygiene risks, etc...

For your business:

Improve your quality of service, create a pleasing environment and strengthen your image. Customize your rooms with a wide range of colors. Increase your additional revenue by marketing this service.


Logo Trophée CIU Santé

Our 3-in-1 Visitor Bed has been recognized in 2015 as an innovation for health. We have been rewarded by a trophy from  the CIU SANTE - Paillon 2020 in Nice (France).