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Convalescent Room Space Catalog

Visit the Charleroi convalescent room:

The Econocom Room Virtual Tour (powered by Poppr):

virtual tour econocom en petit

The Econocom Guided Tour Video:

visite guidée chambre

The Patients Space:

patient space

The Bedside Terminal:

Staff can:

  • gain secure access to the key information that they need (HIS [hospital information system], PACS [Picture archiving and communication system], admin, etc.) at the foot of the bed
  • implement medical instructions (drug administration, etc.)
  • share with the patient and explain their care pathway and how their care will be managed
  • prevent unnecessary trips back and forth
  • keep track of medical and forensic information in real time, at the foot of the patient’s bed
  • increase the reliability of patient’s medical records and avoid rewriting

Patients can:

  • enjoy a complete package of TV, radio, telephone and games, etc.
  • access information made available simply and securely by the institution (welcome booklet, treatment information leaflets, etc.)
  • maintain contact with the outside world (Skype, email, etc.)
  • manage their surroundings (lighting, blinds and ventilation, etc.)
  • ensure upgrades and support for organizational change over time

For comfortable viewing, the TV has a minimum of a 40-inch screen

Multi-function bed head:

  • Supports nursing care with an ergonomic design and grouped technical functions
  • Allows for the patient’s surroundings to be adjusted to suit their exact needs and their condition (with concealment of medical fluids, etc.)
  • Incorporates technology to the benefit of the patient and carers (with audio broadcasting, automation and the central unit for the multimedia terminal, etc.)
  • Enhances the facility’s recognition value and image
  • Improves the accommodation aspect of rooms and their appeal
  • Supports ease of cleaning
  • Simplifies installation and maintenance
  • Can be tailored to your most exacting requirements with a near-unlimited choice of colors

Chair bed:

  • Makes it easier for the patient to get up out of the bed, encourages mobility and promotes accelerated convalescence
  • Combines all the functions of the hospital bed with the comfort of an armchair
  • Supports nursing staff in their work (with a sit-to-stand lift function)
  • Simplifies the movement of patients
  • Space-saving for best use of space
  • Meets care requirements with a full range of accessories (trapeze bar, drip stand, etc.)

Canopy lighting:

  • Increases patient comfort with diffuse ambient and reading lighting
  • Enhances the quality of lighting for care, increases the available lighting power without glare
  • Enhances the impression of height and space
  • Generates energy savings through the use of LED technology and adjustment in response to ambient light (daylight)
  • Creates a ‘starry sky’ that promotes relaxation

The Visitor Space:

visitor space

Compact wall cupboard:

  • A sliding, no-swing door for opening even from a sitting position
  • Supports ease of cleaning and maintenance (no contact with the floor)
  • Compact design increases the space available in the room
  • Provides hygienic and ergonomic storage for bags and suitcases
  • Large storage capacity (hanging rail and shelves)
  • Keeps valuables secure (includes a large safe)
  • Provides the convenience of a minibar facility
  • Near-unlimited choice of colors

Fold-down wall tables:

  • encourages shared activity by the patient and their care companion, such as enjoying a meal or a pastime
  • space-saving fold-away system
  • allows for adjustment of the patient’s surroundings to meet their needs

3-in-1 (armchair – sofa – bed) pull-out visitor bed – Exclusive to Clinifit (registered design)

This 3-in-1 bed has been designed for your patients, your staff, and your business!

  • For your patients: Provides a comfortable night’s sleep for the care companion and can be used to seat visitors during the day. Space-saving in the chair position. Used in combination with Clinifit foldaway tables, it allows the patient to enjoy a meal or an activity with their care companion or visitor.
  • For your staff: No more constant handling of folding beds to move them from room to room. The bed remains permanently within the room, taking up a minimum of floor space during the day. Saves time, reduces handling, optimizes cleaning and reduces hygiene risks, etc.
  • For your business: Improve your quality of service, create a pleasing environment and strengthen your image. Customize your rooms with a wide range of colors. Add to your services with the motorization kit available separately, and increase your additional revenue by marketing this service!

The Bathroom:

bathroom petit

BATHROOM SPACE (in partnership with Alcomel)

Designed and manufactured to measure in Trespa, this open-plan bathroom concept is based on proven, exclusive expertise protected by a European patent. 

  • Maximizes use of space for ease of access by the patient/nursing staff
  • Increases the general impression of space with an open-plan aspect and use of the full area of the room
  • Respects the patient’s privacy
  • Fully accommodates your architectural constraints – it is manufactured to measure to reflect them
  • Adds versatility to this area of the room and keeps the caregiver close to the patient
  • Limitless color combinations to suit your requirements


An intelligent device that brings together everything that you need to ensure health and safety, right at the entrance to the room: PPE (gloves, masks, caps, etc.), alcohol-based solution, waste bin, etc.

  • Ease of storage
  • Simplifies the personal hygiene process, reduces contamination risks
  • Prevents theft of bottles
  • Prevents the marks on floors and walls left by standard gels