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Equipment & Fitting

 equipement et agencement

For your patients, your premises are a home from home and a showcase; for your staff, they are a working resource and a tool for achieving results. With this in mind, we are constantly developing and innovating to bring you comprehensive solutions that are tailored to your environment, the challenges that you face, and your requirements.

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Ambulatory Equipments


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 Equipment + Process + Training = Performance

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Whether for reasons of funding government debt, medical demographics, developments in technology or direct funding for health care, Western European health care facilities are having to focus on their core business. The principle of “doing the same with less” is gradually giving way to “doing the essentials better.”

As a result, what we are seeing today is a real paradigm shift.

This change suggests that the hospital of tomorrow will look nothing like the hospital of the past. It will be ultra-specialized, generally ambulatory, smaller, and focused on comfortable working conditions for care staff and increased patient autonomy.

In response to this challenge, the Clinifit open ecosystem provides its clients with comprehensive solutions that draw on skills in the organization of care, hospital strategy, and medical fittings and equipment. These areas of expertise combine to form our two lines of business, “organization & results” and “fittings & equipment”.

We decided on this approach because it is clear that medical-economic results simply derive from the combination of:

  • developments in care processes (as seen with ambulatory medicine)
  • the availability of suitable equipment for use in these processes
  • staff training and support for these new ways of working and the equipment
  • unique business models (involving leasing, availability of equipment hours, shared earnings/success fees, etc.)


Organisation & Results

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"No organization is the sum of its buildings alone."

Based on our strong belief that in a changing environment, it is important to be agile, to anticipate where this agility can be introduced and to continue to adapt, we see organization and results as Clinifit’s second core business.

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Ambulatory Tools

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